Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Mind and Brain

I don't excatly understand what the whole philosophical debete is here. However, I do understandboth the monistic and dualistic points of view when it comes to the brain and mind. They are both different, and most materalisitc monists will ask the question, "what can the mind and brain do together that the brain just cannot do by itself." The main question here is, what is the purpose of having a mind if the brain can just do it all.

Well, here is my answer:
The mind, or the soul as it is more commonly refferd to, is who we actually are. It is not our brains, and most certinaly is not our physical body. Our minds hold our memories and our future plans, our minds give us our morality, our minds is what actually makes us aware and conscense . It is not our brains that make us the way we are it is our soul, it is who we are in Christ and who Christ wants us to be. I understand that some do not understand this concept and most will turn their heads at the thought, but when it all comes down to it, our minds make us aware of our surrondings and who we are. It is not jst an idea to make dying an easier task in the end, just to say, "ok, I know that I will survive the death of my physical body and my soul will live on". That is not what I am getting at. The truth is, to state Mr. Cleary, If we were to through brain matter into a tube and fill it up with electrical impulses, whould that brain even know that it was having those electrical impulses going through? Would it be aware that it could suddenly think once again? How is it possible? It would not know. It is that simple, when it comes down to the end...... It is our minds that are aware that we can think, it isn;t our brains that make the color blue, blue to us, it is our mind that give our brains that thought. To some it is impossible to see two seperate entities working together, but to me, it is just impossible to come to a full undertsanding of HOW they work together. I know that they do, but how, id beyond me.
In conclusion, Our minds are who we are, our brains cannot be the whole postition of who we are, other wise, why aren;t we just a pile of brains walking around. Once our physical bodies die, our spirt, (our mind), lives on with the memories of our past, and who we have become. There is nothing more or nothing less. this is what we are. Dualistc persons with both a brain and a mind that work together.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Well, I have just been so busy doing so much, and I had to study for midterms, so I apologize for not posting anything recently. Thingas have been crazy and insane!

Well, I'll be around and post soon, sometime in the near future!