Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Half Way There!

Dear Readers, I cannot believe it, but I am half baked!! In about 20 weeks, our little girl will be here!! 

We had 2 appointments this week. One with the MFM and one with the OB. 

MFM was just a meeting with the doctor to discuss staying on Prednisone and Lovenox. I have no medical proof to show that I should be on either one, but my RE decided to try it this time with my history of early pregnancy loss. The idea behind it was to cover any auto-immune issues and clotting issue that were not found through the extensive testing that was done. No issues were ever found, but we all decided to try it. Well, the MFM doctors feel that I don't need either one, explained the risks, and left the decision up to T and me to make. I'm glad it was left up to us to make. It's a scary decision to make given my history, but I feel the decision we made was the right one. I will also have bi-weekly visits with them up until my 30th week to check my cervix length given my history of the septum, even though that was "corrected" through surgery. 

The OB visit was just routine. Got to hear baby girl's heart beat. Nice and strong at 160. Everything still seems to be going well. My fears are slowly going away, but, I am definitely still struggling with coming to terms with that fact that all is going well and there is no reason to believe that anything will go wrong. It's just hard to fully let that guard down, I'm always on high alert that something will go wrong. But, I'm trying hard and every appointment we make it through is one step closer. And I still can't believe I'm 20 weeks pregnant, I never imagined I'd make it to here. 

How far along:  20 weeks and 4 days. 
Total weight gain: 15 lbs! Woah!
Maternity clothes: Yes. 
Stretch marks: Still don't think I've really noticed anything. I thought I saw some last week, but now I don't.
Sleep: Sleep is starting to get difficult. 
Best moment of this week: Hearing her heartbeat
Miss anything: This week, still sushi. 
Movement:  I think I can say that I am feeling flutters now. Nothing consistent, and I still have days where I don't feel anything, but I'm pretty sure what I'm feeling is her.    
Food cravings:  This week, not much since the heartburn is killer. It really makes me not want to eat anything.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet:  Yes
Gender: A girl
Labor signs: Nothing and it should stay that way. 
Belly button in or out: In.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I have to say happy!
Looking forward to: Starting the nursery!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

19 Weeks and counting...

Last Tuesday we celebrated 7 years of marriage. This month marks 3 years ago we began trying for a family. This month also marks the month we had our first full IVF cycle, which ended in an early loss. This month is a big month. It is thin month, this week actually, where we will celebrate the half way point of this pregnancy!

I still cannot believe where I am at in this pregnancy. I think I must admit, over the course of the last few days, This has begun to feel real.

We had the Level 2 and Anatomy Scan done last Thursday. We got to spend an hour looking at our beautiful little miracle on the screen. She was amazing, moving all over the place. Everything looked good, all parts accounted for, and such an amazing wonder. I cannot believe that we will be her parents, I cannot wait to meet her, to see what she will look like, her color hair, her eyes, her tiny feet. I've been feeling great. There really isn't much of anything I can complain about, expect the heartburn. That is brutal sometimes. But I know in the end, how much it will all be worth it. I haven't had the opportunity to feel movement still. And I will admit, I am becoming increasingly impatient about it. However, I did find out at the A/S that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta sits in the front, closest to my abdomen. Usually it sits in the back, closest to, well, your back. There is nothing wrong about it being there, it does however mean it will take me longer to feel her then most. This makes me a little sad, but, as long as I know she's doing well in there, I'm ok with it. I was also told that they want to do a fetal echo, which is just another sonogram. The doctors have no reason to suspect that there is anything wrong with her heart, but, they did have a little trouble getting a good picture at the A/S since she is still very tiny, and her little heart is so small. They just want to make sure, and they are going to keep on top of her too since she is was conceived through IVF.

After our appointment, we went off to Buy Buy Baby and ordered the crib and dresser! Wow, that was a big step! But I am so glad we did! Though we were told it could come in early, we were told that delievery can take 16-18 weeks! Yikes! 18 weeks puts me at 37 weeks!

That's really the biggest update so far.

So here is week 19's photo!
I apologize of the terrible picture! And yes, here is a sneak peek of Nursery colors. 

How far along: 19 weeks and 2 days. 
Total weight gain: Right now, I'm not sure. We don't have a scale, and I haven't been to the OB in a few weeks. I'll know next week though. 
Maternity clothes: Yes, pretty much exclusively now. 
Stretch marks: There might be a new one or two I noticed the other night. 
Sleep: Slept pretty well this week. 
Best moment of this week: Getting another chance to see her on "the big screen" .
Miss anything: This week, still sushi. 
Movement:  Still nothing. 
Food cravings: Mexican. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: No. 
Have you started to show yet: I don't think I can deny it anymore. 
Gender: We got confirmation at the A/S that she is still indeed a she!
Labor signs: No, plus, it's still WAY too early!
Belly button in or out: In.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I have to say happy!
Looking forward to: Getting to the half way point, and feeling her kick and move!