Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't want you to think

I've fallen off the face of the earth. I'm still here, just been super busy and have been having a lot of stuff going on lately! I'll be back, Stay tuned!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Well, I had my 4th Acupuncture Apointment

And thre really isn't much to write about it. It is very relaxing, and yes almost fell asleep today. I do believe it has been helping with quite a few if the issues I had been having. I'm thankful for the quiet time it brings. I'm thankful for the me time I get to have. It's nice for all those reasons as well.

Other than that, it's been going well. :)

I'm also very excited because I finally found my missing Lightroom presets. I'm so happy because they were my favorite!

Not much else is going on.

:) Just for a little update!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One of my faovorite things.

So, recently I've something new that I love. It's from Trader Joe's. Their Very Green Juice blend. I love it. That sounds strange, but I think it tastes great! Now, there is a bit of a texture, but it's not bad at all.

So, what's in this very green juice blend.


That's it. And yes, I had no idea what some of this stuff was that I was drinking before I googled it. But, it's and amazing drink. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals. It's something I recommend and I was surprised myself that I actually liked it when I first tried it. Every time I head up to Trader Joe's now, I make sure I pick some up to stock up on.

Go ahead, find your local Trader Joe's and try it out! Let me know what you think!

And remember there is a great list of different green juices you can blend yourself at home. This is not something I have tried myself yet, But I do eventually want to learn how to do it all myself. But for now, I'm enjoying this wonderful drink!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, It's about time for an Update

Hello there fellow readers, if there are any of you. Somethings, some changes, and an idea.

First, I'd like to talk photography. I've been getting things together and my partner in crime, (aka my hubby) has been revamping the website. Things are changing for klh, and I'm kind of excited. :0) I'd love to go into detail, but I'm not fully ready, so to my current clients, hang on tight! These changes will be good!

And secondly, with the idea coming from a great friend of mine, We will call her NKA, I'd like to start blogging about a cretin topic. She said I should journal about it, so I figured maybe blogging about it would be a great idea. So we will see where this goes and how comfortable I'll feel about sharing it with the world...

Here it is. Acupuncture. That's right. I started seeking acupuncture treatments last week, well Monday 1/24. I'm sure your first questions is Why? Well here is your answer.

I struggle with a few things that acupuncture can help with. Yes in the beginning when the idea came to me I thought I was insane for thinking about it. Why on earth would I want to go get poked with needles to help heal.... That's just plain crazy. But I did some research and had a consultation and decided that acupuncture was worth the try. Here is list of somethings the L.Ac and I came up with to work on.

1. Sleep, I've been struggling with falling asleep and staying asleep, and the OTC meds were not working anymore.

2. Raynaud's phenomenon, It's a circulation problem I've had for as long as I can remember. My extremities are always cold and freezing, If you've ever shaken hands with me, you know. :o) lol Acupuncture helps with circulation.

3. Back pain. This is an on again off again thing for me. Sometimes it is just so bad I no matter what position I am in helps relieve the pain. Or any OTC meds I take help either.

4. Stress. Yes, believe it or not, I've been getting stressed out so much more easily lately. especially driving to and from work.

5. And finally last thing I will share with you is, Anxiety. This is something I have struggled with all my life. And I hate it. And I've been on medication in the past for depression, ED's, and Anxiety and I'm just over taking prescription medications for these issues. Not that I don't believe in it, because, especially having gone to school for Professional Counseling, I do believe these drugs can help. But for my situation, and where I am currently at in life, I feel the medication is unnecessary. And Acupuncture has been helpful in healing those with anxiety issues.

Now, Acupuncture is not for everyone. I highly recommend that if you are interested in acupuncture, you find a licensed Acupuncturist and have a consult with them to see if acupuncture is right for you.

Another question you may have. Does it hurt? Well here is my answer, Not really. By not really I mean, every once in a while one of the needles, (that really are not much bigger than a strand of hair) goes in and stings. Yes stings. So I tell my acupuncturist and he takes it out right away, rubbing the spot and then leaving it alone. No more trying to put it back in, or trying to put a new one in it's place. It's just left out for the day's appointment. Some feel like a quick pinch, and not even a hard pinch. Others, you don't even feel at all. And in fact, once they are all in and you are left alone in the room for the 20-30 min, it's quite relaxing. There is some New Age music playing and the lights are off. It's time alone. I have had a hard time trying to clear my mind of things, which you are supposed to do. But, I've find that if I just spend that time concentrating on my breathing, and meditating, and praying, it helps. In fact a few times I've caught myself even falling asleep.

So far, for the three times I've gone, I've enjoyed it. And, in fact, I've even come to see a quick change in my sleeping habits. it doesn't take me as long to fall asleep, and in fact, last night, when I did fall asleep I actually stayed asleep the whole night with out once waking up.

So, this is only the beginning. Sharing with you my experience with acupuncture. I know some of you will think I'm crazy, some of you may not agree to this type of treatment, and others will see nothing wrong with it. And, that is ok. I am ok with that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
And if you have any questions. Please feel free to ask. I may or may not be able to answer all of them though.

Thanks for reading.