Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lost but now found.... maybe?

So I greatly apologize for not posting latly. Things have ben so crazy in my life, not to mention the fact the Philosophy has finally really started to hurt my head. I really wish that I had the time to sit and write about what we have been disscussing in class, but it is just soooo much for me to get right now, and this is not a good thing since there is a test a week from today. But, I figured that I would do this, if any of you who read this site... please feel free to comment on something you would like to disscuss on philosophy, it could be fun,,,,, we shall see, no?
Hope James is doing well, along with Amy, haven;t talked to her in a billion years, but I will see good ol' James on sunday here at LBC for the Jermey Camp concert which will rock my socks off!!!!!!!! Can't wait! so excited!!
Well all, good nite, and peace out!