Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And here we are...

So it's Novemeber. It's been November for 17 days now. From here on out the year will fly by. So much is happening and it has been overwhelming. Maybe one day I will share what's been going on these past few months. No, in fact, one day I will share with you, my friends and family, and readers, what has been going on. But for now, I will just share the everyday.

It's November. I picked up a holiday postion that I cannot stand. So that doesn't help. I thought I would enjoy it, but nope. I don't. In fact, I've always hated retail. But I just need to last about 12 weeks. My photography has picked up a bit, but unfortunetly my flash broke. ::insert sad face here:: I don't know what happened, but I took a picture and it sounded as if the blub exploded. I don't think it did, and it won't turn on at all... Who knows...

The Hoilday season is here, and I'm so excited! I really hope this job doesn't make the Hoildays stressful! I love the Hoildays, I love seeing my family, I love being around them. It's always fun. Thanksgiving in a week away! And although our time with our family will be cut short, I really hope to savor every moment we get to spend with them!

I hope you all are well! And Happy Thanksgiving! Who knows if I'll be back before it comes! :)

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