Friday, September 07, 2012

One Friday Morning.

I'm sitting here, watching the Today Show, drinking my coffee. The GE repair man just left. My dishwasher is all fixed, and supposedly is no longer a fire hazard. Things have quited down and life is moving along. My father and step-mother will be here tomorrow for a visit. And today, will hopefully be my second niece's birthday! My sister-in-law went in last night to be induced. Little baby girl G should be here soon!

Onto to our baby making news. I started the Lupron on Sunday. I'm 5 days into 20 units every night. This is my least favorite drug used thus far. (Not that I have a favorite....) It makes me tired, unmotivated, and an emotional mess. But, I heard back from the RE's office, and they explained to me that my dosage should be lowered after my Baseline appointment next Friday, the 14th. I take my last BCP tomorrow night! I'm so ready to be done with that!

Other then these small steps, and this news, not much else has been happening. I wish I Had some more exciting news to share, or I wish I had some insightful musings to share. But I have not had any revelations. I guess the only thing I could really share with you all is this:

If I have learned nothing else from Infertility, I most certanly have learned about patience.

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  1. It is about patience...which is so hard! :) I also can related to the hatred you have for Lupron. I feel the same way! Thinking of you as your days are getting closer to the FET.