Thursday, September 23, 2004

Simply Complicated

Well, outside of my usual confused mind I am having a difficult time trying to figure this blog thing out. This is very confusing to my small blonde brain. I asked James for some help, so hopefully the help will come soon.

School is going. Not much to talk about that. Philosophy class really hurts my head though. I don't know how in the world I will get through this semester!!!!

Tim and I had a nice long 2 hour conversation on the phone last night. Was not one I wanted to get into, at last not in this point and time, but it is good that it happend. If not, then we would be having some serious difficluties.

I have to write a paper on Leonardo Da Vinci, why I don't understand? When in a counseling session am I going to have to talk to a clint about this man? Makes no sense. I also have to get moving on with my other projects, otherwise I will be in a deep deep hole. Not Cool!

This weekend I am going to Wayne, NJ with my friend and RA to her house, then possibly I'll be stopping at home in Brick, NJ to see Tim and have another talk with him and try to get things strighted out.

Well I am going to head on out now. I hope that I get the help that I need soon cuz it would be fun! see ya around! Nite!

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