Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Just Trying To Fit In.....

Well, I once did have a blogger, and now I have another one, The reason being that I now have a xanga and a blogger is beacuse I want to keep myself updated with all the Messiah peoples. I hope that this helps!

Yesterday in philosophy class the prof. was tlaking about love. And the question was brought up, "what does the word love actually mena?" Surprsingly enough it brought up quite a few questions into my little mind. What does it mean? what do you mean when you tell some one you love them.... has the actual meaning of love dissapeared in our advanced socity of "loving" everything? I mean we love this movie, and that song, we love this person and that book? Have we just become so numb to the acutal meaning of love? We take the word and use it in our everyday language, but et it has so much more meaning and passion behind it all. The meaning of love: to treat others with respect, dignity, and kindness no matter how you FEEL about them. is love a feeling or an action. First off it is an action, love has to be acted out before and can be felt, just the same with courage. There is so much more, and so many more question that could be asked about one simple word...... that we just use as if it were water..... when, in fact, i believe we should think more on the meaning before we say "i love you" to someone next time. Do you REALLY love them?

well, it is time for me to head on out, hope to talk with you soon.


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