Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First EVER Blog Award!

That's right everyone, I have gotten my first blog award, and I was nominated by Mrs. M!! Thank you so much Mrs. M for this Kreativ Blogger Award! I'm quite excited, but now on to the requirements! I have to name seven things, ( I personally would just like to switch out "things" and use the word "noun"), I love. This should come easy to me, because there is PLENTY of things nouns I love! HA HA!!


1. God
2. My Husband
3. Winston, my dog
4. (I think I'm cheating here) My Family!
5. Photography
6. Music
7. Dancing

Well, there are my seven things that I love! Now I suppose it's time for me to choose seven of you to share this award with and To find out the seven things that you all love!

Longing for NYC

hum, I suppose I don't really know seven of you yet!! ha, all well, I'll stick with five, that should be good! Well I award all of you and now it's up to you, but please don't be pressured to participate! I hope you all enjoy the award!! :)

I will be posting soon as a reply to Mrs. M's latest post, It seem quite interesting and I too have an interesting collecting of music!

Good night all, it's been a busy past two days of painting!!


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  1. You're welcome...and I agree "nouns" would have been better! I look forward to seeing your music post :)