Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still not getting ANY better at this...

So I'm still not any better at updating my blog as I would like. However, my boring life is the one to blame. For this, I am sorry. BUT... There are somethings I suppose that I could update you all on.

First of all, I am starting up my own photography business! I'm very excited about this opportunity and if all else fails, I at least get to be involved with my hobby a little more then than I am now. Although I'm not exactly the "pro-photographer" I would like to be, I still have fun behind that lens! I especially love taking pictures of children and babies! They seem to be full of joy and life and make that experience so much more! I will be so happy to be able to capture life most precious moments for anyone.

And the other thing, I think I have found out that I am developing some nasty allergies. I woke up Tuesday morning with a hideous looking swollen eye!! Two days of doctors and no answers, but at least the meds are working and the swelling is barely noticeable! for that, I am very happy and thankful!

Well thats all the random news I have for now. nothing to big or exiting, (well.. maybe the photography is exiting!) I hope you all enjoy your day! :)



  1. Photography business? Very cool!

    P.S. Sorry I've been slacking on the comments recently-we just had our newest baby on the 13th and I'm playing bloggy catch up!