Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Wreaking Wednesday..

Yes, you read it right. Today I have been dealing with an awful stench in my house, even with all the windows open. Ever since I woke up this morning and walked down stairs and opened the windows there has been this awful smell running through my kitchen and morning room. I tired all day to figure out what it was. I took out the trash. I sprayed Lysol, I light candles... to no avail nothing worked. So I gave up looking for the smell, beginning to think that it was coming from the dump down the street since it's quite windy here today. But that still left me confused since the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. So I finally decided to begin to investigate. Really trying hard to find out where the smell was coming from, and through it all I began to get a headache. It was driving me crazy, until I walked passed my refrigerator and got a nice big whiff of the smell, searching all over still nothing. So I figured if I wiped down the stove top and whatnot it would take care of the smell.... still nothing, UNTIL... I looked down at the nobs. Yes, one of the nobs to my stove top was turned ever so slightly and was leaking propane gas into my house... I found the culprit, quickly turning it back into it's off position, quickly blowing out all the candles in fear the house may blow up. Thankfully it's been a beautiful, windy, but beautiful day here and the windows have been open all day... And now the smell is gone, however, my headache is not...

and now.. here is my picture for wordless wednesday:

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