Monday, October 01, 2012

Something Special happens Friday Afternoon. :-)

We have reached the final stretch. Friday morning, T and I went to my Lining check appointment. Things were looking good and I got my new medication schedule. I dropped from 3 Estrace Pills to 2 a day, I continue my Lurpon injections (10 units) until Thursday, And I've added Doxycyline, Medrol, and 1ml of Progesterone in Oil injections.

And then, we got our ET date. Friday, at 2:30pm we will be transferring 1 or 2 embryos. We still haven't officially decided on how many yet. But byt Friday even, after it's all done, we will know, LOL.

So, there is our small little update. Hopefully this will be it. Hopefully things will work in our favor. Hopefully our little miracle will happen. Hopefully, our last try for a while.

All the thoughts and prayers we can get will be appreciated. Thank you all for following this journey with us.


  1. Will be thinking of you and your babies on Friday!!! Best of luck to you!!

  2. Keeping my FX for you, good luck!

  3. Will be thinking of you guys and keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Totally thinking of you!!! Good luck little embies :)

  5. This is exciting news. Thinking of you!!!