Friday, February 13, 2009

Can't leave that one there!!

So I just realized that the last post I did was not so nice, it was a rant, and it did help me to get that off my chest. However I cannot just let that one sit there for a few weeks as the first post people see when they come to my site here. So here goes another post...

It was so nice to get out of the house!! We don't know very many people still where we live. It's all still so new, so we normally just stay in all the time, but, Monday night Tim and I went out and went bowling!!! It was so nice, we had lots of fun! His company put together this little event to get all the people oh are moving from NJ to MD to get together to meet each other since we all have the move in common and it was great to go and meet some new people. Although, as for the rest of the week, we've just been doing our normal routine, staying at home. I do have to say that I am excited for this Valentine's day. We won't really be celebrating it until Sunday, we will be going into Philly and enjoying a nice dinner at the Melting Pot!! I love the Melting Pot!!

Right now, today, at this moment, I have the dry wall guys here at my house fixing up some dry wall. I found out that the ceiling above our door to the basement was dropping, not a good thing. but it's getting taken are of now! :)

This is such a random post. Sorry it really doesn't have much of a flowing atmosphere... but I do suppose that most of my post are like this. Anyway...

Lately, (meaning the last few days), I have started getting this weird feeling like I want something, but yet, I just cannot figure out what it is I want. -Now, just to set this straight, this is much different then my usual rants of being depressed, or feeling lonely.- It just so weird because I just can't figure it out, last night we were sitting at dinner and all of a sudden I just felt the need to want something, and I hated it, not only because I could sit there for hours and still not figure out what it was that I wanted, but I just felt bad, or not right for "wanting" something. Why Was I sitting there wanting, I have all I need, I have a house, I have food, I have a loving husband, I even have a great dog! And in some cases we have been truly blessed with being able to have more than what we need. So why was I sitting there being filled with this want.... I just don't know, but I sure do know that I don't think I like it....

well, I guess that's all for today, I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's day! and I hope that I am able to get on here on monday and share my experience in Philly with you!! Have a great day!

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