Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Random Visit.

Yesterday was like every other day for me. I was bored, and tired. However, as I was on facebook I noticed that a friend of Tim and mine was getting ready to go on travel for work and would be passing us on his way down to where he was going. So I meant to leave a comment on his status, however I accidentally instant messaged him over the facebook messaging tool. From there we generated a surprise visit from him for Tim, (my husband). It was so great to have him stop by, even if it was short. It was great to have someone visit us in our home here in MD. It has been lonely, so to see a familar face, it was great!!! Darren, thanks for the visit! it was great to see you! can't wait to grab dinner with you and little miss Olivia when we come back up to NJ!!! I love when the little random things in life turn out to be the best gifts! Friendships are presious.

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