Monday, March 09, 2009


Some days I really wish I could go back and relive our wedding day, I think that I usually do this when Tim is away on travel. He's been gone for a week and a day now and I've been here in NJ. It gets lonely, I miss him, his company, his love, and I miss his touch,. But it always makes home coming that much more beautiful. Things have been going well for us even through all the traveling he's been doing for work. Time is flying by so fast!!! next month will have been in our new home for one year. Next month I become and Aunt for the first time!!! Next month is my husband's birthday!! then in June it will be our three year wedding anniversary!! We also plan on painting our home... finally... next month. Hopefully things will continue to work out so that we will be able to do that!! I cannot wait to put some color to our beautiful home. That's really all... Not much really happens in our life. HA! I'm STILL job hunting, but I think I'm becoming content on what God's been doing for me. I think I may be starting to figure out what I'm really supposed to be doing. I'm just about complete with my Grad school application. I just really need prayers that I can get this autobiographical statement done right!! ha ha!!

Well, once again, and as usual, this post is a big mishmosh of whatevers.... hope you are all having a wonderful evening... I'll be enjoying The Secret Life of the American Teenager tonight!!

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  1. Awww what a pretty dress! Good luck with your Grad school application.