Monday, March 23, 2009

UBP- Day number... 4....

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

oh my goodness!! I miss out on the UBP day number 3! Sorry everyone! Yesterday was so busy. The team that my husband and I went to Uganda, Africa with spoke at a church yesterday morning so we spent the day in Ocean Grove, NJ.

I did get only one lonely question for my day number 2, if you could ask me anything, what would it be... So I will answer that one question, but I leave the Q&A session open!!!! also, for day number 3 4, I will share our Uganda, Africa trip with you all since I had a few people tell me they were interested in hearing about the trip!!

The question came from Amanda - My question would be what is your favorite thing about photography?

My favorite thing about photography is being able to capture those memories, either for my self, or for others. To be able to capture something still and to go back a look at it and remember those moments in life. The creativity with photography is also a favorite of mine. I LOVE to be creative, and with photography, I think you can become very creative!! :)

Now, For the short or long post about Africa:

We left on Mon. Aug. 11th at 2:30pm to head out to Newark Airport for our 7 hour flight to Hethrow, England that left at 6ish here in the States. Now there is a 5 hour time difference. We finally landed in Hethrow at 6:30is am. Our pastor who was the head of our team decided to get a hotel room for the day in Hethrow because we haed a 16 hour lay over in England. So we got to the hotel room, (there were 7 of us total who went on the trip), to drop off our carry-ons and were able to wash up. Then we decided that since we had the time that we would go out to London, which is only about a 30-45min ride on the tube. We got off at Piccadilly Station and from there walked a bit around London for 6 hours or so. We were able to see the changing of the Guards at the Horse Palace thing. (lol) We were also able to see the London Eye, which is the Big Ferris wheel that you see in some of the pictures. We also go to see the Houses of Parliament, (which is what I was excited about seeing), and also did a Boat our on the Temmes (sp?) River so we got to see some of London, Saw the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. The from there we walked to Buckingham Palace and from there to Waterloo Station and took the Tube back to the air port. London is very expensive!! lol with all the exchange and stuff my husband and I ended up spending about 60 USD on our lunch which was 2 sandwiches and sodas!!! After we got back to the air port hotel we got washed up again and gathered our things and headed to our terminal for our next flight from Hethrow, England to Entebbe, Uganda. That flight was about 8 - 9 hours. Very long!!! lol but it was a good flight. There is another 2 hour difference from England to Uganda, so total it is a 7 hour difference between the States (NJ) and Uganda. We finally landed in Entebbe at about 8ish am on Wed. Aug. 13th. After we landed we were greeted by the missionaries we would be staying with, which is a young couple that my pastors knew the husband when he was younger (if that makes sense). We then brought all of our luggage out the the van that they had for the time that we would be in Uganda with them and packed it all up with the luggage on the top of the van and we all piled in for the 9 hour drive from Entebbe/Kampala (Kamapla is the capital of Uganda), to Arua, which is where John and Erica, (the missionaries), are staying and doing their work. It was a very long drive of some paved roads and some dirt roads but we managed to make it through. the only stop we made was for some gas a to use a bathroom, aka a pit latrin, which is really just a hole in the ground. Not fun at all!!! lol, however, I held it the whole way!! I didn't want to use one of those things unless it was absolutely necessary!! So after that nice long drive we finally landed ourselves in Arua, Uganda at John and Erica's place. which was pretty much dinner time by then. We got ourselves unpacked and the headed out to Billy and Joanna's, (another missionary couple there in Arua who we also helped out), for some dinner and the from there went back to the house and went to bed, lol! The thursday was just a day to relax and regroup and go over what the plan was for while we were there. Friday we left for a town/village called Nebbi to do some pastor training and to show the Jesus Film. It was all pretty neat and a great experience! Although the guest house that we stayed was not such a great experience!! lol. but it was a place to sleep with a bed and it wasn't a hut! lol The Jesus Film was pretty awesome, as we were setting up there were about 20-30 children and youth and adults there and even when it started. We were slightly discouraged at the time but knew that even if it was just one person it was all well worth it; however half way through the film we counted the amount of people who came and there were over 500 people there watching a film on the life of Christ!!!! It was awesome! finally on Sunday we all split into 3 groups and all went to 3 different church's in the village to one of the pastors church's that we were training. The service that I went to I had to share my testimony and it was about 2 hours long. then we all drove back to John and Erica's place in Arua and on Monday we had a prayer walk around Arua Town. That was a pretty neat experience because Tim (my husband) and I got to learn about Arua and the people who live there, most of them were and are Sudanese refugees. That was most of the day. The Tuesday we broke up into 2 different groups and did a scavenger hunt all around Arua Town by ourselves (meaning we had no one who knew the area with us, we were still in a group though!)!! It was a little scary at first but then it turned out to be so much fun!! We had to go to tha markets and buy things for the two families we were helping out and had to answer some questions, I also go to ride on a Bota Bota, which is just a mini motorcycle that is used as a taxi and the woman have to sit sideways!! That was a little scary at first, but it was a lot of fun also! That was pretty much the day for Tuesday. We also got our lessons together for VBS that we were doing Wed. Thur. and Fri. the rest of that week. So the rest of the week was VBS in the morning and then painting a chapel at the Uganda Christian University. Then Saturday was another day to regroup our self and Sunday we attended a Church service that was 4 hours long!!!! then Monday we left really early(4:30am!!!) to go on Safari!! That was so much fun! then Tuesday we left and headed back to Entebbe. There were times in between that we were ale to go out and see the markets and do some shopping which was very interesting because you also get to barter the prices. The wed. morning we left at about 9am and took the 9 hour flight to Hethrow with a 2 hour layover which didn't leave us much time off an airplane.... YUCK! and got on the next fight that left a 6pm from Hethrow to Newark, NJ and we arrived back in the states, at about 10:30ish pm and got back to out church parking lot at about midnight wed/thur.

Well, that's about all...


  1. Hi, its Rosie :) Your Uganda trip must have been an amazing experience.

  2. That's my favorite thing about photography too! I love it.

    Your trip sounded amazing! I would love to do something like that.

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  4. Happy Ultimate Blog Party! Just stopping by fro the party. I enjoyed looking through your blog and reading about the Uganda trip. Wow. I know that god was glorified in your work.

  5. It sounds as though your trip to Uganda was wonderful.....long and tiresome trip....but your stay sounds amazing. Did you take any photos of the safari?

    Hope your day is beautiful.

  6. Hello, my name is Samuel and i just want to say that you and your husband are doing a wonderful thing! May God bless you and your family!Your brother in Christ