Monday, July 27, 2009

Once again...

Well, I can't complain too much. He hasn't traveled too much lately' maybe that's the reason why it's even harder this time. But it is hard, difficult, whatever you want to call it. Yes, I'll be honest; the three glasses of Shiraz doesn't help, (but they were good!!) But I do miss him. That wonderful man I call my husband. He left yesterday to go to a business meeting, and he'll be home tomorrow early afternoon, but, I still miss him. Two nights in my house by myself, (well, my wonderful dog and I). But it's ok. I got a lot accomplished today: food shopping, job hunting, house painting, dog walking... the lit goes on. Oh the joys of being a house wife!!!

Not much has been going on lately, but we have much coming up soon! This weekend, hopefully we can spend some time here in our house, then the next week we are heading back to NJ for a work picnic and a family reunion, the home, then the following weekend, back to NJ for my brother and sister-in-law's engagement party, then home for a little bit and off to Louisville, KY, then home, then .... maybe... some time to relax at home...

So I guess you can say we are pretty busy this upcoming month, but nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary. 83 days left until we leave for our vacay in Hawaii. I cannot wait for that vacation since it's been 2 years since our last vacation where it was just the two of us!!!

I've been pretty busy painting the house. Which it's a good thing I'm not working, since my husband refuses to paint. It's been going well, expect for the fact that I am beginning to hate painting...

Well, I suppose that's all I have to ramble about for now. Hopefully one day I'll have a fantastic story to share wit you... but for now, we'll have to settle with my boring everyday... life...good night all!


  1. I don't know how you do it...there's no way I could let Hubby travel that often. He worked for a company once that had him on the road off and on-he spent three weeks in Alaska and a month in California and then I made him quit!

  2. Just blog hopping this morning and ran across your blog...My husband tavels often...but many times I am able to go along with him...which is GREAT.
    I look forward to coming back to read more. Have a Happy Saturday!

  3. You'll have a great time in Hawaii.

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