Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just Beautiful.

It has been such a beautiful morning. The weather is cool, and the breeze is so nice. Fall is right around the corner and I love it! There isn't much new that's been going on. I've had a few friends on my mind lately. J and S, as they are waiting on the arrival of the precious little on any day now! I'm so excited for them! Lizzy, one of my best friends from college. And lots of my fellow Clemens Girls! And a few of my Group Experience girls. :) I hope they are all doing well.

Things here on the home front have been going well, I'm so excited to order our new dinning room set. Hopefully we can do that next week! I can't wait to decorate it. Also, our House has slowly been becoming more of a home with being able to do some more decorating. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I'll be able to get my picture I ordered and hang it on our family room wall. Hopefully, it came out ok!

Last night, my poor pup got stung by a bee. It scared me half to death! He was freaking out running all around crying. and then I found the bee. Thankfully, he's doing much better today!

Other than that. Tim has been traveling a lot again. I'm hoping that calms down soon. I really miss him when he is gone. Things with him and work have been going so well though. I'm so thankful for his job, especially during these times.

Well, other than that. Our life has been pretty much the same. And you know what. Sometimes, that's ok. :)

Have a great day everyone!

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