Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little late...

Ok, So I know yesterday I wrote about how I was going to blog about how I feel about this whole blogging experience, and I didn't... I apologize. I still haven't figured out how to put it all down into words but I figured if I just started typing it would all fall into place.. It usually does anyway.

So I began blogging on xanga about 2002 then decided I didn't like the name of my xanga site so I switched to a new xanga name about in 2003. It was alos in 2003 that I got this blog spot account to keep up with my husband's (at the time we were just dating) friends. Then eventually I just lost track of this account and just kept up with xanga... Then myspace came about... then facebook and from there I suppose I just lost all interest in blogging, altough I would keep up with that xanga everyonce in a blue moon. However I became inspired to begin blogging again after reading and following a friend's site. And I thought how cool it would be to do that. I wanted to be able to write about all the fun and interesting things that would go on in my life and in our life.. (me and my husband, Tim). But then after I found this site and posting a few things on here and noticing that no one comes and reads this.. I became discouraged. Then I got an e-mail from xanga with a friend request.. I thought it would be one of those sick people out there who are really annoying.. (ie-spam). But it wasn't... I believe it was someone who was following my xanga site. I was shocked because I didn't think anyone was following my site, I apprecited seeing that. So I wanted to just write a little small blog about how I feel that no one is reading my rambleings. But, I suppose that's ok. i don't write about much. At least not at the moment. But there is stuff comeing. There has been a change in my life that I will be blogging about, maybe this week... maybe next week... Who knows.

To all of you who read my small little rambelings. Thanks you, you are the ones who keep me posting even if I don't know that you come and visit. Thank you.

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  1. I think I found your blog last summer. Don't remember how. Maybe it was when I was reading my daughter's and somehow stumbled upon it then. Any way, I live in Virginia and enjoyed reading about you buying a house in Maryland, moving from New Jersey and such. Hope you are enjoying your new place. Can't wait to hear about the news in your life. I can only assume to know! Blessings, Darlene