Thursday, October 09, 2008


Wow, four years later I randomly remember that I have a blog on blogger. How crazy is that! Here is the story on how I found this once lost site and how it will never be lost again. In these last few recent weeks many things have happened in my life. I have returened home from Afriaca on a two week long mission trip, my husband, (whom I married back in 2006), has gone on travel for work and has been gone for a while now. At least I have seen him here and there. Not the best of situations, but it's life. And lastly, I have begun to notice that most people used this great service to discuss whats on there mind.

A friend of my husbands lost his wife recently and most of the others who read his blog, have blogger, thus, here I am. I had written about my thoughts on the terrible juvenile site of xanga, )for some reason I always remembered I had that one, but yet never liked it, and yet, can't seem to get ride of it, maybe this resurrection of blogger will be the so long to xanga?) Anyway... back on track here. So, instead of letting that post waste away there on xanga, I will copy and paste that post on here as well, I will also put the link the his site.

Here is the post:

A Time For Everything
So last week, Tuesday at 9:15 pm, a wonderful, amazing woman, Misty passed away after her long battle with Stage IV Brain Cancer. Since then I have been asking the same questions over and over and over again. Why in the world would God take away such a Beautiful soul, mother, wife, someone who could do so much good here on this earth? Now, I never really got the chance to meet her, infact I only meet her in person once, but I remember that day so clearly, I am not the greatest at remembering things, and I don't know her husband all that well either, but he is good friends with my husband. It has been through Darren, and his blog that I came to truly know what a beautiful woman Misty was, and her life and passing has come to touch so many lives. These questions I have for God have only brought me to a deeper understanding as to where my faith lies. I don't understand and nor do I ever believe I will come to an understanding as to why God would do that. He knows and I just have to learn to take comfort in knowing that it was His plan to take Misty home to be with Him Even though so many people, maybe even you, had been praying for her healing and we truly believed that He would heal her. It's just weird to have this kind of hurt. It has stured up some questions about myself, my faith, and my love. It only makes me wonder more about who God is, it makes me want to understand Him more. It also makes me wonder, how would I be if I were in Darren's shoes? Would I have that kind of faith and love for God still, or would I be angry? All I know now is that I desire to know more about God, I desire to learn about this unbelievable faith that Misty had. Her story is an amazing story, I just wish that she were here to share it with us, but now we can depend on her loving husband and beautiful daughter to continue on with her legacy. I am really looking foward to the future posts that will be coming up on the blog. It really amazes me that Darren has the time and the passion to share his life, and to continue to share his life, with all of us! I hope that you all have the time to visit the website to just begin to understand the faith that she and Darren had/has. I just don't know where to begin, or even what to write. Most of the time when something like this in life happens I can articulate it or just "grin and bare" with it, but for some reason I'm not just sure how to put into words all the things I think about, have questions about, or even the feelings that I have. (although I don't think it helps that my dog is snoring on my lap....). I've also been having a difficult time sleeping because all these mixed thoughts keep running through my head. I've just been constantly thinking and wondering and asking, and I'm just left here, with no answers.... I can only trust.

I know most of you who read this post are as lost as lost can be, but if you really do take the time to read the blog, maybe you would come to understand. I hope you do.

Thank you for this time, and I hope it will not be my last. farewell for now.

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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.