Monday, October 27, 2008

my story. (well at least a small portion)

So here goes a serious post:

So for the last several years I have been struggle with a health issue. I've been to the doctors, and they sent me to a more specialized doctor: the cardiologist. I think I saw my first cardiologist at the age of 16 or 17 and it was a pediatric cardiologist. (Now I suppose it would help if I also let you in on a secret, I had been anorexic now for about 2-3 years and continued to be until I was about 20 or so, I'm still dealing, but it's much better then it was when I was in high school). They could find anything and just kept writing me off as if I was making things up. So, my mother decided to take me to another cardiologist, they too, didn't find anything wrong. So we stop pursuing things. But I was still struggling with the symptoms. I kept have random rapid, and I mean rapid, heart rates. I would just stand up or sit down and the next thing I knew my heart rate was going so fast I don't even think you could count it. but eventually it would just suddenly stop; just as fast as it begun. I always thought it was strange and unusual, but I figured that if the doctors never found anything and they never seemed so concerned about it, then I should be either. However I noticed it would happen more often the older I got, I began college and joined the cheerleading team and things just were not right. I sought help from the school nurse who advised me to speak to the on campus doctor who cam in twice a week, so I set up and appointment. I saw him and he simply stated to me, "Oh it sounds like you have SVT"... as if I knew what he was saying and just told me ways to stop it when it would occour. so I went on and once again he didn't seem to concerend about it, so, neither did I. At least up until the beginning of this year right before we moved. It began occouring more and more often and none of the ways I was told to help stop it was working and now I began to get anxious everytime it would happen because I couldn't stop it. So I decided once more to go and find a new, "adult", cardiologist. I went there and did all the same stuff, got the 24 hr. halter monitor, got the sonogram, got the month long halter moniter. Nothing.... thats right, nothing came up on any of them, well, at least not what we were looking for; and the stuff they did find was nothing major. So the doctor told me that I would continue to see him for follow ups from here on out once a year. Oh joy. Well, a little over a month ago I found my self haveing a "hearts doing that thing again" (that's what we have come to affectionatly call it") moment. I was at the doctors for a routinue visit, I had a cold and just got back from a missions trip in Africa so I just wanted to make sure things were ok. Well, I was done with my visit and getting in my mother's car. That simple motion of getting into the car set it off. I went back into the office and the doctor looked at me and said once again, it's SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). and told me to just go home and put some ice on my neck and it would stop. Ok, so I went back to the car got in and I had to go get my mom from work, so I drove to her work and waited for her to come out, she wasn't coming and the heart rate was still up so I called her to find out when she was coming nd explained to her what was going on. Next thing I know shes in the car, checks and pulse, then tells me we are going to the hospital. (Oh Joy...) I didn't want to go but she was driving and thus I went, and besides, when mom says something, you just have to listen. So there I was in the ER, nurses screaming at eacher to get me a bed, and a room, next thing you know there a whole big comotion and theres 15 people surrounding me and hooking me up to moitors and IVs. (this was my first BIG ER visit.) Next thing i know the docotrs telling me they have to give me a small dose of this medication to make the heart slow down and warns me that its going to make me feel like crap, "ok" I say. So they do it, and the heart rate is still up so the double the next dose and there goes the second dose in me. then tells me to bare down.. next thing I know I'm freaking out, I can't do it, it feels like a truck has just been dropped right no top of me. It was the worst feeling I have ever had. It eventually slows down and they montior do some more tests, give me a perscription and send me on my way with instrutions. OK, So I go home, make an appointment with my cardiologist, I go and see him and he tells me that he can now offially confim that I have SVT. Great!! I finally have a name to whats been bothering me for that last almost 10 years of my life. He then sets me up with an Electrophysiologist. and this leads us up to today. Monday, Oct. 27th 2008. Tomorrow at 2pm I get to meet the eletrophysiologst for the first time to discuss this issue. Now, it's not life threatening, at least not right at the moment as far as I know, But I am meeting with him to discuss the option of surgery. And for the last 2 days I've been getting anxious to meet with him. I have so many questions. And I am excited to know that I can get this problem fixed, but also scared of what could go wrong. This is all new to me. Please just pray that things go well from here on out. Thank you for hearing

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  1. Kathi, I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. I will pray for wisdom for the doctors to find the correct treatment. This sounds so similar to my daughter's problem with racing heart. We did go to a cardio but found nothing. She was bulimic while in high school. I always wondered if that was the issue for her. I believe it has been years now since she has had any more issues with the heart. I will pray for you today. Hugs~