Monday, September 14, 2009

35 days... and some odds and ends..

That's right folk!! only a wonderful 35 days until the hubs and I head on out to the west for our vacay in Hawaii!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!

In other news, I've been blog hoping and from one of the wonderful women I follow, Mrs. M, I came across a wonderful new blog!! Amber at aefilkins host a Friends making Monday! sooo Today's question:

What are your favorite fall shows??

So that's my fall line up for now... What about you? What are you favorite fall shows, share with us and then head on over to Amber's site and link your blog to her blog so you can meet new bloggers and find out what shows others are interested in!


  1. I love The Office- Pam is going to be so cute preggo!!


  2. Our lists are similar. You have great taste in TV. :)