Wednesday, September 23, 2009

times change along with seasons...

Death comes. We cannot avoid it. As humans, I do think many of us try to ignore that fact or even believe they can defeat it. But, the truth is, it's inevitable. It's sad. It hurts. But at the same time, for us who lose our earthly lives, it's just a brand new beginning.

I just say these thoughts, not because I just lost some one close to me, not because some I know just passed away. But because one year ago today, a beautiful, strong, stunning, wonderful mother, wife, friend, daughter, and most of all, Godly woman who lost her battle to brain cancer. And once again, I am touched by the beautiful legacy she left behind. I am, myself, reminded of the greatness of God, the blessings He brings. I am once again reminded of the relationship we are meant to have with God and the love He has for me. I am encouraged and touched. With the thoughts of grace and peace that God brings to us daily. He continues to heal and teach.

And as I sit here on my front porch, watching the destruction of the beautiful trees that should be changing into a palate of colors, I am reminded that it comes all to soon and that we are never guaranteed the tomorrow where we put all of our, "I'll get there's". I'll miss those trees, and I'll miss the lessons I've learned from this beautiful woman, but I know that God is here, and I know I'll see the beautiful colors of fall again, and I know those wonderful lessons will continue on though many others in my life. And here we are, in a new season of the year, a new season of our life.

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