Friday, September 11, 2009

Feels like Forever

....Possibly because it has been. As I sit here on this rainy day, (and I mean it's down pouring, but I love it!), I thought about how it's been so long since I have shared what has been going on in my little corner of the world. Really and honestly, not much has changed since my last post. But today, I just wanted to write to remember 9.11.01. It was a terrible day that started out just like any other for the whole world, until that one moment that changed the history of our beloved United States of America. I still to this day cannot forget where I was or what I was doing or how I heard about what had happened and the thoughts that went through my mind when I first heard about what had happened. It was my senior year of high school. Second period, physics class, (which I dropped out of for chemistry). The gym was right across the hall from our class room. One of the gym teaches came and ran into our room and asked our teacher to turn on the news. There is was, right on the television screen, those terrible images that are burned in our memories. Fear, concern, what just happened, freak accident.... all the thoughts that ran through my head. Confusion, not sure what was happening. Fellow students calling home, (living pretty close to NYC we were all scared for families and friends that worked in the city). Then as we all watched in horror that first tower go.... I'll never forget. That day, we were not taught by our teachers, but we all learned something. To the families that lost loved ones to those who lost their lives, to those who braved the fires to rescue, you are never forgotten, you will always be remembered. I salute those who protect us everyday and thank you for protect our country and giving us freedom. For freedom comes with a price, and for that price, you are not forgotten and I will always be in gratitude. I thank you.

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