Saturday, June 09, 2012

Day 2.

So, I'm 2 days into the Stims. I've given myself  5 injections so far. Wow. Not much else is happening. I've been trying to get the last bit of time left that I have in the gym and this weekend I'm doing a lot of house work, mostly the heavy work stuff. I've only got today and tomorrow left before my restrictions begin. I'm not looking forward to that. I know I'm going to miss my workouts and volleyball. But hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end.

There isn't much else to report on. I'm almost done filling my first sharps container. Of course it still has all the stuff in it from the first go around. But still. And I was really sad to have to throw away about 250iu of Follistim because it expired. That stuff is liquid gold. So it hurt a lot to not be able to use it.

Here is my sharps container.

Well, really that's all for today. Hope you all are haveing a great weekend, I better get back to the house work. 


  1. What restrictions do they tell you to do?? I haven't got that far yet but LOVE working totally de-stresses me. I've tried working out and stopping after IUI's a few times but never really got a straight answer from the docs.

  2. My RE told me I cannot exercise, cannot continue to play volleyball, or any sports in general. No intercourse, (TMI, but it's on the list). And if possible take an elevator. No lifting anything more than 10 lbs. This is for protection of the ovaries. They are trying to prevent any twisting of them from happening b/c the reproductive system is pretty "free floating" and your ovaries get so swollen from over stimulation that they can twist and that's a bad thing. If that happens, it prevents blood flow to the ovary and could cause you to lose it. So, As much as it was difficult the first time I did this and it will be again, I'll definitly be taking it easy! I would definitly talk to your doctor about this, especially since they didn't say anything to you yet, but maybe they will also tell you on Monday. I didn't know this either until one of the last appointments before beginning my last try at IVF.

  3. Thanks so much!!!