Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ganirelix Stings like a Bee.

And I'm not kidding. I should have done a little research before I stuck myself with that drug last night. I was not really prepared for this one. I didn't make it this far last time so I didn't know what to expect, I just thought it would be like the others. Follistim Burns a bit, LD HCG, nothing. But Ganirelix. The worst.

To begin with, the needle is pretty dull compared to the others. This I was warned about thankfully by a friend who has done this. However, I didn't fully realize how freaking hard I would have to push to puncture through the skin. And I didn't realize that this shizz burns like no other. I was almost in tears. But thankfully after last nights ordeal, I did some research and got some help from other's who have experienced this and got some recommendations on what I can do to alleviate the pain. With all that in mind. I am NOT lookinf forward to the PIO shots.

Here are some photos from last night:

(Left to right: Follistim, LD HCG, Ganirelix)

(So far not much brusing! But you can see all the tiny prick holes and the bloat, please dont mind the bloat.)

That's all for now. Hopefully tonight will go much better! I didn't have to go in this morning, but I will be back in the office tomorrow to get monitored again. Hopefully things are still moving nicely.

I'd also like to add, this month marks 2 years of trying to have a baby.

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  1. Oh no now i'm scared!! Good job though :) Hoping everything goes well for you tomorrow morning!! We totally have matching bellies!!! Ouch, hang in there!