Friday, June 15, 2012

"So, what do those Follies look like?"

Today marks day 8 of Stims. I was in yesterday morning and this moring for monitoring and will be in everyday now until it's time to trigger for my ER. This are moving so smoothly this time and I am just so relived. But, I must say, the side effects are nothing to rave about. Bloat, heartburn, nausea, gas, feeling full, not hungry, tired. The list goes on. But I hope, in the end This will all be worth every gas pain, and all this bloat, and tiredness.

As of this morning, I have 4 dominate follies on my right side, and I hae 10!! dominate on my left side. and each side have a few other's that are there, but a little behind. I haven't gotten my Estrogen levels yet, maybe I'll ask for them tomorrow. I won't be available to talk to the nurse who calls me back later this afternoon. And my linning, it was at almost an 8 this morning. After a small talk with the nurses this morning. I think we all agree that my trigger may most likely happen Monday evening, which would mean I'll have ER on Wednesday and ET on Monday the following week!

My medication has all stayed the same, and I've been making it through with that ganirelix! The trick, ice before the injection, and sometimes after. It helps a bit. But I'm still sore around the injection sight for a few days. But only when I touch it really, and it's somehting you can live with.

Well, here are 2 photos for you today:

(Above is the photo of my right and left ovaries with the folllicles (the black dots are follicles). Below is a photo I took today of the really active left ovary with the follicles. You can see how large my ovaries are getting too.)


  1. I kind of think, yes, I am certain, they look like hope. Fingers crossed for you, beautiful!

  2. I love what Brandy said! Hope..... a beautiful word for a beautiful couple! Praying always Baby! Love you lots!