Monday, June 18, 2012

Tonight's The Night!

That's right folks! Tonight, I, err... Actually T, get's to give me my Trigger shot. This injection is nothing but a bunch of HCG. 10,000 units of it to exact! I am pretty excited about this, I have done this intramuscular injection before. I had to do it in my last IVF cycle that failed to get me to ovulate. But, my wonderful neighbor/friend was able to help us out and administered it for us the last time. This time, it's all on T. (Well, I do have my friend on standby.)

And, all of this means that ER will be on Wednesday morning. I'm scared, nervous, and excited!

(Above: Tonight's Trigger shot out and waiting oto come out of the box and get mixed.)

(above: The only real bruise I got this time and it was the last night. That's from ganirelix)

(Close up to see the pin cuision I've become)


  1. Great news!! Happy ovulating :)

  2. Good luck with T giving you the shot. I only trusted myself probably because I am that big of a chicken!

  3. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly!!!