Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post-treatment Appointment

Yesterday we had our post-treatment appointmet to figure out what happened, and where we go from here. There were no answer to why the chemical pregnancy happened, just as I suspected. I asked about an Recurrent Pregnancy Loss workup and the RE said he doesn't see it necessary. He thinks it's highly unlikely that I have some hemoglobin issue that's causing the miscarriges. And he said it's because both losses where a bit different. He did tell me he sees a chemical pregnancy in about 10-20% of the IVF cycles preformed. He seems optimistic we will get pregnant, especially since he told us that we were able to have 9 embryos frozen, which is aparently more than the average they see frozen in their clinic. He just thinks it's just a matter of when I'll get pregnant... He did recommend PGS testing of them embryos, but he said that it's a little more risky sice they would have to thaw and refreeze, but he said it could eliminte any chromosomel issues with any of the embryos and could help prevent any more miscarriages in the future. Right now, we have 9 embryos, we cannot afford to do the testing and do a transfer. So, I think we are going to take the risk again and hope for the best with out the PGS tesing.

He did suggest doing another Sonohystograph before doing anther transfer, to see if the polyps have grown back. Both Tim and I agreed it would be beifical. And if they have, I'll have the surgery again to remove any polyps before we go ahead with a FET, (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

He also said we could go into a FET as soon as we want and when we are ready. This could be as soon as the next cycle since he said he could extend the cycle, as long as there are no polyps found. I'm still looking at another week or 2 before a new cycle begins, at least that what he said after looking at the HCG level and the progesterone level. The protocol would be birthcontrol, sono, lupron, and then estrogen, then transfer, So I'm thinking sometime in September we would be doing the FET. But that would be the soonest. We also have the opition of doing a cycle with the sono, ending it and then at the beginning of th next cycle (2 cycles away), would be a transfer cycle. This is more likely the direction we will be going.

Last, he did agreed to  trasfer 2 embryos next time, as long as he knew we uderstood the risk involved with the possibility of multiples, which we do. However, (and I'm not sure if he is trying to scare us into another SET or not), he did tell us that their research indicates that if one embryo fails to implant or is destined not to survive, and one is, that the dying embryo could impact the healthy embryo and cause it to not survive as well. So, we still have time to think about all this, but we are still leaning towards 2. We would like to try something dfferent, and with 9 embryos, and my loss rate at 100%, I think transfering 2 would be a good change to make.

So, this is where we are at now. Waiting.

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