Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashbak Friday....

My flashback goes back to the Thanksgiving of 2002. My husband and I at the time had only been dating for a month and it was my first Thanksgiving break from college. I went to Lancaster Bible College and of course because I was going there my family all had insisted that I do the Thanksgiving devotional that year, So here is a picture that my husband got of me as I was scrolling through the Bible to find a good verse about being thankful. I don't remember what verse I chose or what my little devo was about, (besides being thankful, lol). I'm also sad to report that because the years have changed, my families priorities have also, there is no more big family devotional, nor is there anymore family prayer over the Thanksgiving dinner. But I do have to say that it is interesting to look back six years ago and see how much we have changed and to remember where we were and to see where we are today! I can only hope that my old family traditions will return one day, if not with my whole family, at least with the traditions that my husband and I will be able to form with our own family. There isn't much else to say about it, but it was nice to remember. Thanks for checking out my flashback! Join in here and check out other flashbacks!


  1. That picture is amazing. There is so much beauty and depth of thought radiating from this photo.

  2. What a beautiful photo and a neat memory. It is too bad they still don't do the devotional or prayer. It sounds like a lovely tradition!