Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Treasures

So this is my first time joining in on this wonderful thing called Tuesday Treasures that is set up by Storing Up Treasures in Heaven. I have been following the blog for about a month now. I found her through Darren's Blog. I'm not really sure what exactly you are to post here so I will just post a picture of a great memory that my husband and I were able to create back in August! A wonderful short term missions trip to Africa!

Thanks for checking out my treasure!


  1. Great photos!!! The children are just precious.

    Tuesday Treasures is a post about whatever it is you "treasure". For me, that is my family.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your treasure. It is my dream to go to Africa one day. A mission trip would be very cool!

  3. Those pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey:)

  4. That's awesome you got to go to Africa!
    It looks so beautiful there.
    Nice Treasure.

  5. Nice images Kathi. Let's make dinner plans for you and Tim. I'm thinking April :)


  6. Look at that view. Amazing. I would love to go SOME day!