Monday, November 10, 2008

oh bother.

So I've been up in NJ now for almost a week, (one week tomorrow!). Things have been good, I've been able to see people that I haven't seen in a while, and I also have had the pleasure of going to my FAVORITE sushi place just about everyday since I've been back. I know, a little excessive, but what can I say, they just don't have good sushi in MD.... (and it stinks!!!). I'll be here for another three days, then I will be heading back to MD to meet my wonderful husband when he comes home on Friday after being on travel for 17 days. I CANNOT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME HOME! (oh how I've missed him.)

We have a busy next few weeks coming upon us, and I am afraid that Christmas will quickly creep up on me!!! So in that, I have begun to shop for Christmas decorations! I am so exciting sine this will be our First Christmas in our first house!! and our third Christmas together! We really don't have much in the way of decorations, so we will have to buy some things this year, which is a little difficult as you all know as well! But I'm excited all the same! I am also anxious to begin shopping for gifts but I have no idea what anyone wants yet!! And I am also itching to get a new cell phone! I'm due for the new 2 year contract and I cannot wait since I have hated my current phone since I got it 2 years ago!! (it's an LG chocolate).

Well, lets see, I will have to keep you posted! Tim comes back on Friday!!! Then we have a wedding on Saturday, the Sunday we leave for Califorina!! Then we come back on the 20 November. Then on the 21st I will have all the pre-testing done, then possibly a doctor's appointment, then I Tim and I will have our pictures taken for our church diretory. Then we have the weekend free before Monday, the 24th, I have th procedure. Then Thursday, the 27th, is Thanksgiving!! See how the time will fly by so quickly!

Well, there's a small update for you, nothing big or exciting, but it is what it is. That's all for now. Good night all who read this!

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