Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Capture - Nature


So these pictures were in my last post, but these were the pictures I took for today's you capture. We've been trying to grow watermelons!

in this last one, you can seed to seedling growing... I thought it was neat!


  1. Wow! Really? That would be so awesome to grow watermelons!Not even kidding! Its my dream to have a garden some day!

  2. I really want to grow watermelons, but I only have a balcony and no backyard, so it would be difficult to say the least. I will live vicariously through you instead. :) They look great!

  3. Look at the little sprouts!! Those are so cute!

  4. Wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU for your comments and for signing up to follow! It'll be fun hangin' out together. :) I LOVE that basket from Africa and the room that inspired it. You love color. ME TOO! Blessings on you and your home. :)