Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So here we are

on a very warm, but sunny Tuesday here we live. My husband is working from home this morning which is great, at lest today! ;-) We have our storm door scheduled to be installed today! I'm very excited about this! Although I do find it interesting, that now, I find gifts such as this storm door, to be just as exciting as when I was a little girl getting that new barbie doll I wanted. When did that all happen? When did I grow up and start enjoying things, such as appliances and doors, as beautiful wonderful gifts! I find it so funny! I do miss those days of getting fun new "toys", but now, I do suppose those "toys" have become altered to fit my "age". ha, all well, I suppose this is all part of growing up...

Anyway, not too much exciting has been going on, (as usual). I have done some photo shoots, which went great! I was so excited to do them! I'm still struggling to figure out what colors to paint my house, and yes, I am still uneasy about the BRIGHT GREEN room... all well. This week, one again, we will be heading back "home" to NJ. We will be staying for the week, but this time, Tim's on vacation. I hate thinking that returning back home to where we both grew up as vacation, because it used to be my life that was other's vacation... and now I'm in their shoes and I'm returning there for "vacation". Ugh, it's a jumbled mess. I just miss NJ. I miss my home.

Well, that's really all. Nothing new, nothing big. Hopefully I'll be getting together with my sister-in-law to take photos of my beautiful niece while we are in NJ. It will be good to be "home".

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