Friday, June 05, 2009

So Much in One Day!!

So Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! It was such a wonderful day even though it was rainy! Yesterday, I also had a job interview which was very nerve wrecking since it's been months since my last job interview, but I think all went well. Yesterday we also finished painting and putting back together our morning room. It's the first room in our house since moving in that we painted and thankfully it's all done now!! So as you can see our yesterday was a very full day! I also got a storm door for our anniversary and I cannot wait until it comes! :) (I do find it odd now that I'm older the type of gifts that excite me, I mean common... really, a storm door is that exciting as an anniversary gift... all well, I guess it's part of growing up..) So I still have to get the picture I took of us on our anniversary onto the computer, but once I do that, I'll post it; but for now, the picture of our completed morning room will have to fill up your aesthetic amusement.

this is a basket that we got when we were in Africa that was the original inspiration for this room. Although it has faded and most if the basket is not as green as it used to be. but you can still see some of the original color there on the bottom.

So here is the room all finished and put together, there are just still a few more items to get into the room, but you get the idea. We also got those placemats while we were in Africa.

I think we have decided that this room will be our Africa inspired room!
So here is the picture of my husband and me on our 3 year anniversary (yesterday) before we went out to dinner last night!

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  1. Awww-happy anniversary! And what a unique room :)

    P.S. For Christmas I was excited by getting a new toaster. Getting older does change a lot.