Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another day of blood taken and the amazing "Dildo" Cam.

Sorry if the title offends anyone, but this is what the lovely internal vaginal ultrasound wand is lovingly reffered in the IF (infertility) World. And yes, sometimes it seems as thought that thing has gotten more action with me than my own husband, and yes, that sucks. But sometimes you just need to make light of your situation.

Moving on.... Time for an update since my last post.

Well, Thursday night my Follistim dosage was dropped from 300 iu to 275 iu. And that's because I was instructed to just use up what was left in my pen. I went in yesterday morning with my trigger injection thinking that most likely I'll be getting it and this cycle will be over. However, IF and IVF cycles, even IUI's are very much a serious roller coaster ride and anything can change on any given day.

My mom was with me yesterday since DH (dear husband) is OOT (Out of Town). After my appointment and seeing the size of the good follies I do have, I made the decision that there is now way we can completly give up on this cycle. I've already used close to $800 in meds, and I've got 2 potntionally 3 good follies. No, I wasn't going to waste this. After talking with the billing department to get some numbers and a lot of phones calls and google talking with DH, We made the decision to keep going, even thoguh this ment from switchnig from IVF to either TI (Timed intercourse) or IUI.... We are still trying to figure out which direction to go right this minute actually, but I'll possibley get back to this in a minute. Anyway, after yesterday's appointment I got the call to drop my Follistim from 300 iu to 150iu and come in the next day (which was this morning)

(Above is just a picture from google to show you what and ovary with multiple follicles looks like)

So, that brings us to right now. I went in this morning and one of the RE's in the office was doing the ultrasounds this morning, and to my surprise, she said she didn't understand why we couldn't move forward with IVF, it looks as though I've got 7 follie! What! However, I did keep in mind that anything can change and I did not keep my hopes up to converting back to IVF. She said she would see what my blood work looks like and talk with my IVF doctor and I'd get a call back like usual. Well, they called and instructed me to stick with the 150 iu of Follistim and I get to have off from the monitoring tomorrow morning! Thank goodness I get to sleep in! But things look good a far as TI or IUI goes. It looks like I've actually have 2 great looking follies with possible a good looking 3rd and of course 3-4 smaller sized ones. So here we are today, moving forward and crossing our fingers. Trying to have hope that we won't even need to do that IVF cycle in June, but that's pretty had when for the last 20 months nothing has happened. So, this could be where you could help with maybe having a little hope for us, since ours has gotten so low. Having faith since ours has slipped down a hole. We have some, and I know all it takes is to have a little faith, even if it's as small as a mustard seed. And I know that I annticapate a lot, but I try to remember what I was always told on a very special weekend I went on years ago. Don't anticapate, particapate. And that's what we've been trying to do, although at times it's difficult. But what faith and hope we do have, we are trusting in God with this.

Small little update:
Looks like we are actually going to try IUI this cycle after really talking with eachother.


  1. Thankful you're sharing so much about your struggles with this. Hope, faith and prayers for you guys.

  2. Thank you for being so open, raw, and vulnerable. I read your last several posts as well, and I have had a few close friends who have struggled with similar situations...I myself had a miscarriage in 2010. I know how to pray for you, your husband, and your hopes for a growing family! Hugs and having faith with you. ~Stephanie Henson

  3. I actually had a lady talking about this topic this weekend at a family event...She had listed all of the meds and treatments and sadness and one thing she said that I thought to myself about you "You know all this going on has made me a person I don't recognize and I forgot the reason my husband and I are evening doing this to begin with because we are lucky enough to have eachother and want to share that in making a life, this should be a beautiful thing and it's not"....It made my bottom lip quiver cause I was sad for her and you and Tim....She is doing her last cycle and putting her name on a list for adoption and she seems very relaxed about it compared to how she has seemed over the last 9 months...So my thoughts and prayers are in full blown overtime for you two and her...For some reason it's kind of all I can think about is praying for two of the most great people to be parents to become them...Like it blows my mind that I have this horrendous mother who never wanted me and then the two most loving couples ever are having difficulty...So just know that all of my time is spent hoping and praying for the two of you -Nicole Leighton