Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Saturday Morning.

Well, I am a prat of a few web-forums for TTC and infertility. And generally, after I get my cup of coffee and sit down at my computer, I like to say good moring to the people I'll be talking to throughout the day. I usually like to ask what there day looks like and wish them a good day. And, since I'm such a coffee lover, I like to add a nice latte art photo. I just think it helps brighten their morning. If I had the ability to bring everyone a cup of their favorite morning beverage, I would, but.... That's just a little impossible. So, I hope that some e-lattes could helps.

So, On this beautiful Saturday morning, while my husband is outside mowing the lawn, I'd just like to wish you all A beautiful and bright Saturday. Is there anything going on for you today? Anything exciting to help you exscape the work week that just ended? What is your favorite morning beverage?

Well, I hope you have a great day today. :)

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  1. I just enjoyed my Italian roast coffee with french vanilla creamer while checking out my Facebook page. Today I have to run my car to leave it in Bayville for Michael to take care of this week. Then we are piling into Missy's car and headed to Brick for Emma's birthday party where Mark will meet me for a little bit & take me home so that I can try to take a nap and head off to work for a week of midnight shifts. (Yay me! I say sarcastically... lol) Included in that week of midnights are four days at Brick. Good news is that I have only nine days of work before I am on vacation! So I am still sitting here on the computer while I really should be getting my butt in gear and get ready.... lol.
    Oh and I also Love my Daughter!

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